Water softeners work by removing the minerals in hard water.  This process helps the longevity of your various fixtures such as dishwashers, faucets and shower heads.  The build-up of magnesium and calcium is no longer a problem. 
Water softeners use polystyrene resin beads and salt to remove magnesium and calcium.  As water passes through the softener, the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with sodium ions; thus turning hard water into soft water.
The city of Edmonton gets their water supply from the North Saskatchewan River.  As it flows over the limestone bedrock, it dissolves everything in its path.  As a result, Edmonton has moderately high water hardness.

Water softeners



We can have a plumber come out and give you an estimate to install a new water softener.  The costs will include a by-pass for the lawn services and the drinking water when applicable.

and how they work                                                                                                                 Edmonton, Alberta, T5T5S2  

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