Whole house water filter


This is a simple way to reduce particulates in your home water supply.  String, ceramic or carbon filters can be used with different micron ratings.  These units are high flow capacity and the pressure drop is minimal.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is one of the best filtration methods for the cleanest water.  Typically, there are 3 filter canisters, sometimes 4, that consist of carbon filters and ceramic filters reducing the ppm before reaching the last filter canister being a membrane.  The membrane has tiny holes the size of a water molecule.  It allows pure water to pass through and bacteria and other contaminants are left behind.


Water filters for some


We'd love to have a plumber easily install a new filtration unit for your whole house or under your kitchen sink.  We can provide you with reverse osmosis for the cleanest drinking water that even Bobby Boucher would be proud of.

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