Plumbing and Gas Fitting




services offered by

Hungry Plumbers Inc.

Maintenance Plumbing


We offer maintenance services to various companies and homeowners; Such as yearly hot water tank drainage and ensuring the sump pump is operational.  We help guard your home with preventative maintenance measures and over-look the plumbing system. 

DID YOU KNOW?  Reduced Pressure Principal Zone Valves common with boiler systems must be tested periodically to ensure proper protection to your potable water system.


Renovation Plumbing


Our Plumbers are capable of handling your plumbing and gas renovations by working with your contractor to ensure proper code compliant workmanship.  Ask your contractor to contact us and save money while getting the highest quality work. 

We also are willing to work with home owners taking on projects themselves that want to help reduce costs by assisting with the time consuming work loads; such as breaking concrete in the basement for plumbing groundwork.  Take advantage of our consult services to put you back on track.  Furthermore, we will work with your insurance company In the event of a disaster due to fire, flood or freezing... Knock on wood. 

New Construction Plumbing and Gas


We can give estimates on your new home, store or building and love to work with building contractors.  We will happily accept all Residential or Commercial projects.  We strive to be our best in everything we take on; from Hair salons and nail shops, residential homes to tattoo palours.  Hungry Plumbers Inc. is the company you can trust and count on to show up and complete the job right.


Hotel and Motel Toilet Retrofit


The low flush and dual flush toilets have seen their share of resistence with the consumer.  HOwever, as poor performance is shown from some toilet manufactuers of dual/low flush toilets, Some industry leading toilets are unrivaled.  When a hotel has a 100 toilets that use 6 litres per flush.  It is not hard to understand that a toilet with as much or more flushing power that uses 3.8L is going to save big money for monthly savings in water.  We can work with our suppliers and help you achieve economical savings on a monthly payment plan utilizing the savings saved every month.  If you are a hotel or motel owner, please inquire by email to start the process of huge monthly savings.