One of the easiest ways to change the decor of your home is to switch the fixtures.  Old dated fixtures can really change the overall look of your house.  We can change all your fixtures and will work on an hourly basis ensuring the best price we can give.  Don't get hosed by the cost per fixture money grab.
Basins and Kitchen sinks
We will work with your contractor to provide you with any renovation needs.  Choose from hundreds of styles and get the look you want, dont settle for less than perfect.
Kitchen faucet installs
We can help you choose from the best brands to get you what you are looking for.  The latest fashion in kitchen appliances is stainless steel and we have the faucets to match.  If you are installing granite or quartz countertops, choose your sink and faucets first to get the proper size and holes needed for the look you desire.

Basic Installs of

Toilets, sinks and faucets

Toilets and bidets


Switching out a toilet is a simple procedure, however, some skirted toilets are a bit more involved.  We can help you select and install your new toilet and can supply you with the best 10 or 12" rough-in toilets.