Natural Gas BBQ lines
So you got your new BBQ and now its time to run a gas line, our plumbers / gas fitters can run the line for you.  Enjoy an easy quick connect coupler for simple disconnections for winter storage.  However, a true Canadian BBQ's in minus 20; bring on the steaks!
plumber, gas fitter
Plumber, gas fitter
Garage Unit Heaters
Wish your detached garage was heated for a toasty winter commute?  A gas fitter can install a natural gas unit heater to heat your garage, shop or warehouse.
plumber gas fitter
FIreplace gas lines
Before installing your gas fireplace, a gas fitter will come out and run the gas line to the fireplace.  After this is done, you may go ahead and install the fireplace.  When everything is installed and looking pretty.  We will come out and make the final connection ensuring no leaks and the appliance is running properly.

Gas Appliance

piping and connections

Too often we see homeowners trying to tackle gas lines themselves.  It is so important to let our qualifed gas technicians install your piping and connections.  Where safety is a huge concern, its better to be safe than sorry.  Although we enchourage the do-it yourself attitute for most minor plumbing.  In gas fitting, its a different story.  Don't gamble on saving a buck when it could cost you so much more.  Get it done right, no leaks, no chances, no exceptions.