Toilet Augers
Toilet and urinal augers are used to clear a passage of a clogged toilet or urinal.  The length is only slightly longer then the fixture.  If the blockage is past the fixture, removal of the toilet is needed and a larger snake is then used to clear the pipeline from any blockage.
Hand snakes
This type of snake is good for clearing basins, kitchen sinks and smaller diameter lines.  It is of perfect design for hair and other debris and is inexpensive.  If you tend to have draining problems, try this first as it can be purchased from most home improvement stores.  The reach can be up to 10-25 feet depending on the model.
Self feed augers
Self fed machines are large machines and come in a variety of power and size.  They are used to clear large diameter and main building sewer pipes.  They are built for strength and have the power for cutting roots that may have worked their way into the pipe line.  In older areas of the city where many large trees are on the property, roots are a common nuissance.

Drain cleaning 

Due to the nature of the job, drain cleaning is typically more expensive than traditional plumbing services.  However, we are moderately priced to help you get your plumbing system back on track.  Up front prices, no surprises.