Boiler Rooms
The plumbers at Hungry Plumbers Inc, have extensive experience in boilers and boiler systems.  We have worked on boilers from 100,000 btu's to boilers over 1 million for large multi family residential buildings over 100 suites.  The image above was a boiler room for an apartment building.  Shown is a domestic copper line joined using Victualic clamps, there were 3 hot water tanks run in parallel.
Snow melts
In most large buildings with parkades, the ramp entrance/exits tend to have a steep incline which poses a risk for ice slippage.  It is necessary to run a snow melting system utilizing a small boiler sufficient enough to melt fresh snow as it drops on the ramp thus leaving a slip free surface.  This system can be applied to home driveways for a shovel free winter, but the costs to run such a venture can be deterring.  It is similar to in floor heating systems in your home but heating outdoor concrete instead.
In-floor heating
In-floor heating designs have changed over the years.  Typically in new construction, the oxygen barrier pex is installed on the floor and a self leveling gypcrete is poured over top.  This way differs from a more labour intensive ceiling mount for the floor above approach.

Boiler systems for

in-floor heating, snow melts,

radiant baseboard heating

If you are considering in-floor heating in your new home, send us the blueprints and we'll have it sized and quoted, but why stop there?  we can complete all your plumbing and gas.  We look forward to working with you.